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Regenerate Rural Women

2024 dates and locations

Bookings opening early January 2024.

Cummins, SA

Orientation: 12th February

Workshop 1: 5th March

Group coaching: 18th March

Workshop 2: 9th April

Facilitator: Tanya

Ceduna, SA

Orientation: 14th February

Workshop 1: 7th March

Group coaching: 20th March

Workshop 2: 11th April

Facilitator: Tanya 

Penola, SA

Orientation: 22nd February

Workshop 1: 7th March

Group coaching: 21st March

Workshop 2: 4th April

Facilitator: Toni 

Keith, SA

Orientation: 29th February

Workshop 1: 14th March

Group coaching: 28th March

Workshop 2: 11th April

Facilitator: Toni 

The Regenerate Rural Women Program is a unique opportunity to take a step back from your day-to-day responsibilities and focus on the regeneration of self.

Women play a huge role and contribute largely and in immeasurable ways to the agricultural industry. Sometimes, though, we are not so good at looking after ourselves.

Especially during times of crisis or disruption, we are often the glue holding families, businesses and community together. We teeter on the edge of burnout, risking everything we carry and crumbling in the process.

The Regenerate Rural Women program focuses on reconnecting you with your strengths, experiences, confidence, and core values, to support you while you are in service to your business, family, and community.

Taking inspiration from the environment, the program has been modelled around the adaptive cycles of nature. While the growth in spring and the harvest of summer are important, so too are the phases of shedding in autumn and the planning and reorganisation of winter. Each phase needs to be given space for reflection and renewal, to reimagine and redesign, moving through the seasons to ultimately regenerate ourselves.

While the core of the program is consistent across each region, sessions are tailored to be relevant to the area, the unique challenges and available support. Women are invited to gather with their peers, to create space, take time out, renew their sense of self, collaborate, and come back to some really simple, practical tips and tools, that will help them feel more nourished, inspired and empowered in the way that they live their lives.

What does the program involve?

Program participants are expected to commit to:

  • an introductory Zoom session,
  • 2 x one-day, in person workshops approximately 4-6 weeks apart, and
  • a Zoom peer coaching session.



“Our group was small, which was great because it felt safe and we were comfortable to speak openly and freely to share our stories. There was complete confidentiality and trust.”

2023 participant, Eyre Peninsula, SA

“I’ve gained connections with an amazing group of women in my area, all in different situations. The way we’ve connected is so special. I think this program can benefit women in all rural communities.”

2023 participant, Mallee, SA

“Our facilitator was just brilliant in how she supported the women in the room. People could share how much they wanted to, or how little. The storytelling was everyone’s favourite part. I think we could see a part of ourselves in the other women.”

2023 participant, Eyre Peninsula, SA

Your facilitators

Tanya Lehmann

Coach / Facilitator, Aurora Meliora Pty Ltd

Once described as having enough energy to power a small town, Tanya has over 24 years’ experience leading large-scale organisational change, developing leaders and shaping complex systems.  A country girl by upbringing and choice, Tanya loves working with regional business, networks and for-purpose organisations to build resilience and amplify their impact.

Mia Handshin

Coach / Facilitator, LeadersHP

Mia is a world-class facilitator known for her skill in sparking transformative conversations, invoking powerful insights and inspiring visionary reform.  People often comment on Mia’s magnetic presence and remarkable ability to draw-out deep insights and surface latent wisdom in a group. She has a gift for illuminating opportunities for change while “holding the space” with light-hearted playfulness.

Toni Duka

Toni Duka

Coach / Facilitator/ Consultant

Toni is passionate about rural communities, the core of her work has always included building relationships and engaging with local communities. She is someone who builds rapport quickly, and brings energy and enthusiasm to whatever she does. Toni is particularly passionate about supporting regional women, to work through challenges and towards goals they are passionate about, but mostly for them to see themselves in all of their beautiful imperfect glory.