Our Story

Since 2017, WoTL has been working to grow and inspire women in agribusiness.

Our mission is to ignite ideas and opportunities to support women in agriculture to thrive.

We value genuine relationships, bringing out the best in people, listening and responding. There is great power in creating safe environments that support openness and curiosity for collective impact.

As a not-for-profit organisation and governed by a skills-based Board of Directors, WoTL offers tailored programs and events to women of all agricultural industries Australia wide, from livestock and horticulture to forestry and fisheries.

Agriculture is a large and diverse industry which is quickly and constantly evolving. The diversity of roles that women in agriculture and rural communities perform is significant. WoTL is about providing safe places for women to learn, whilst recognising the importance of ensuring our programs and events are relevant, convenient, and accessible.

We are making an impact by:

Founded for women, by women. We empower women in agriculture across Australia to grow, connect and thrive.

We create connection. WoTL creates opportunities for women connected to agriculture to come together and learn.

We listen to our community. We create and deliver effective initiatives including programs and events to meet the needs of women working in or connected to agriculture.

We partner with the best. From funding bodies to facilitators, our partners share a vision to lift women across Australia.

Beyond education. WoTL’s programs are delivered differently, to create community and opportunities to learn real-world skills in a safe environment.

Despite vast geographic spread, there are many common threads tying rural women together. Bringing groups together to connect, share, learn and grow is at the heart of what we do, not only for the benefit of individuals, but for families, industries, and communities.

The business model of farming is constantly evolving and this provides opportunities for women to think differently. Women bring resilience and adaptability in an evolving landscape.

Belinda Allitt – AgriFutures