Our Board

Susie Green

Susie is a strong advocate of the rural communities that are supported by agriculture and understands first-hand the challenges facing women in the sector. Susie is extremely excited by the opportunity WoTL presents to support women across all of agriculture and fill a gap that is largely unfilled. Susie brings experience in leadership, governance of industry and community not-for-profits to help support WoTL’s development and evolution.

Yung Nietschke

Yung has nearly two decades of experience working in peacebuilding and international development for the Australian government, United Nations and aid agencies. She is a research fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research where she manages research and evaluation programs across the Asia-Pacific region. She has seen firsthand the critical role women play in achieving more sustainable economic and social development in their communities, through the unique set of skills that they bring to the negotiation table that prioritises social welfare, peace, justice and equity. Yung is a passionate advocate for the equal participation and full involvement of women in all aspects of government, business and the social sectors.

Tony Catt

With over 25 years of providing succession and retirement planning advice to farming clients Tony comes to WoTL with a desire to make a difference to people in the agricultural sector and help improve their lives. Tony has a long track record of developing business and associated services and is currently the CEO of Hub 39, under which 6 businesses run. As well as a strong financial and business acumen Tony also brings experience in marketing to the WoTL Board.

Leanne Pridham

Leanne Pridham is a farmer at Paskeville, South Australia with a strong passion for empowering women in their roles in agriculture. Her twenty-year involvement in agriculture, both at grass roots level of the livestock and grains industry and in compliance for state government, has given her a true appreciation of the positive influence and contribution women bring to the agricultural sector. As a participant of WoTL events, Leanne has experienced first-hand the confidence and learning that is gained in a safe, open and curious learning environment. Being a WoTL director allows Leanne to give back and contribute to the organisation to continue to support women to be the best version of themselves.

Neeta Bhise

With more than 18 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Neeta Bhise joined the WoTL Board of Directors in 2021. Having worked in Adelaide and London, she has developed her skills in brand management and strategic planning across online and offline channels. She has worked across a range of industries including tourism, science & research, retail and manufacturing as well as the not-for-profit sector. Neeta is the Marketing Manager at an Australian-based-NGO and has supported WoTL for a number of years.