Our Board

Sharon Honner

Sharon Honner is the current Chair of the WoTL Board and is a founding member of WoTL and a member of the inaugural WoTL Board. As a farmer’s daughter and being a partner in a farming business for 25 years, Sharon brings grass roots understanding of industry challenges for women. Sharon also brings a wealth of knowledge gained in the not-for-profit sector through regional, state, Australian and global roles. She also has experience and awareness of the challenges of working with virtual teams and a geographically spread stakeholder base.

Penelope Bettison

Penelope is no stranger to WoTL, having assisted during its early development on the brand name and identity. She brings to the Board strong skills in marketing, relationship management and strategic planning. Penelope has a range of experiences with start-ups, from consulting to micro, small and medium companies and now as a senior executive in a tech start-up. Penelope wants her daughter to be empowered and her son to respect empowered women, and if she can contribute to the growth of women, she will be contributing to her own purpose.

Susie Green

Susie is a strong advocate of the rural communities that are supported by agriculture and understands first-hand the challenges facing women in the sector. Susie is extremely excited by the opportunity WoTL presents to support women across all of agriculture and fill a gap that is largely unfilled. Susie Green is the CEO of the Apple and Pear Growers Association of SA and Executive Officer, Cherry Growers Association of SA and brings experience in leadership, governance of industry and community not-for-profits to help support WoTL’s development and evolution.

Hannah Loller

Hannah Loller is a founding member of WoTL and the inaugural chair, staying on the board to continue to contribute to the evolution of the organisation. Hannah brings to WoTL skills in strategic thinking and relationship management, which is grounded in the grass roots reality of being a women involved in an agricultural enterprise. Hannah continually demonstrates her commitment to WoTL and her local community by ensuring opportunities are available for women to access professional development so they can reach their fully potential. Hannah and her husband Peter also host a trial site for Mallee Sustainable Farming on their property at Lowaldie.

Will Rayner

Will Rayner is the Chief Financial Officer of Rural Bank with skills in detailed finance, audit and compliance. This is complimented by previously being a fifth generation farmer and agricultural journalist. Will also has a proven track record for championing and promoting women and gender diversity issues both internally within the bank and by supporting various external bodies and events. Will is a married father of four young kids.

Dru Reschke

Dru Reschke is the owner of Koonara Wines and a board member of Business SA. Dru hasmanaged their family’s certified organic vineyards for the last 17 years, implementing cuttingedge chemical free technologies in the vineyard.
Dru has a passion for providing education opportunities for all rural communities and giving back where possible. This teamed with a strong believe that rural Australia has an incredibly smart female community which is largely under-utilised lead to Dru becoming a WoTL director.Dru also runs the glassware company Savor with his wife Nicole and has two little girls.