WoTL is seeking to elect 7 board members

WoTL is seeking to elect 7 board members

WoTL is seeking to elect 7 board members as active contributors to the organisation at its Annual General Meeting on 26th November 2021.

About Us
WoTL’s vision is a thriving agricultural industry that recognises the influential contribution of women. As a not-for-profit WoTL provides insightful leadership through collaboration and exists to amplify the positive influence of women in agriculture.

WoTL produces outcomes by identifying and delivering responsive and effective initiatives such as delivering professional development and creating networking opportunities. Working with partners and funding bodies WoTL delivers inspiration and growth across Australia.

With its headquarters in South Australia, registered with ASIC WoTL is a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001.

About the Opportunity
WoTL is now seeking applications to serve as a member of the WoTL board. As a board member you will, in conjunction with the Chairperson and other Board Members, contribute to setting the strategic direction of the organisation and play a hands-on role in leading and supporting the organisation through an exciting period of growth and development, building on existing programs that are held in high regard within the agricultural sector.

Directors serving a term on the WoTL Board of Directors are expected to participate fully and share in the strategic governance of the organisation, on behalf of its membership and in service to women in agribusiness. The position is voluntary and directors are expected to contribute 100-150 hours per annum. Terms are of 12 months duration, with the option to re-apply.

To help meet WoTL’s planned growth strategies, applications are encouraged from the eastern states of Australia and a variety of agricultural sectors including viticulture, forestry and fishery, as well as from within South Australia. Applicants with skills or experience in product commercialisation, innovation, governance or legal skills are also encouraged to apply. WoTL is committed to creating an inclusive environment and maintaining a diverse and highly skilled board.

About the Role
Directors must have a demonstrated commitment to WoTL and its values, have expertise and capability in leadership and governance, sound business acumen and a focus on delivery of strategic outcomes. The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate high level experience and knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

  • Commercialisation and product development with a strong customer focus.
  • Relationship management and networks with a focus on building partnerships. Networks across agriculture and/or the agricultural service industries will be considered an advantage.
  • Industry knowledge/experience in agriculture, agribusiness and/or regional development, with cross-sectoral experience considered an advantage.
  • Marketing, promotions and communications, including through mainstream and social media platforms.
  • Finance and financial management
  • Information and communication technology
  • Innovation, disruption and change management
  • Program design and evaluation
  • Legal knowledge or contact and policy developmen

For Further Enquiries and How to Apply

All enquiries regarding this position will remain private and confidential. For a Director Information Pack and details on how to apply, contact Kim Blenkiron, Executive Officer at eo@wotl.com.au.

Applications close 5 pm Australian Central Daylight Savings Time Thursday 11th November 2021.

WoTL Program Advisory Panel

WoTL Program Advisory Panel

WoTL Program Advisory Panel

WoTL Ltd invite you to submit an expression of interest to be a member of the WoTL Program Advisory Panel.

About Us
WoTL’s vision is a thriving agricultural industry that recognises the influential contribution of women. As a not-for-profit WoTL provides insightful leadership through collaboration and exists to amplify the positive influence of women in agriculture.

WoTL produces outcomes by identifying and delivering responsive and effective initiatives such as professional development and networking. Working with partners and funding bodies WoTL delivers inspiration and growth across Australia.

With its headquarters in South Australia, registered with ASIC WoTL is a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001.

WoTL was established in 2017 in recognition of the need for the delivery of programs, services and support for women in, and supporting, agriculture across all sectors. The organisation is evolving from one that has its original foundations in providing grass-roots, bespoke regional programs predominantly in the grains sector, to one that is focused on supporting women at all levels across all sectors and regions, building upon its very strong base. WoTL has delivered 2 highly successful Thriving Women Conferences and in recent years has managed the highly acclaimed Stepping into Leadership Program, funded by Primary Industries and Regions SA, while continuing to deliver many regional programs.

As it grows as an organisation, WoTL is aiming to develop and deliver new personal and professional development programs and services.

Expressions of Interest
WoTL is seeking to establish an Advisory Panel to provide insight into the personal and professional development priorities of women across all aspects of agriculture. The Advisory Panel will help WoTL to shape the development of targeted programs that will ignite ideas and opportunities to support women in agriculture to thrive.

Responsibilities of the Advisory Panel will include:

  • Identifying common areas of personal and professional development needs of women in agriculture across all sectors
  • Prioritising areas of greatest need and/or impact
  • Scoping what programs are already in place that can be supported or delivered in partnership and where new programs should be developed
  • Providing input into learning objectives, desired outcomes, program timeframes, preferred delivery methodology and skills and attributes required of delivery partners.
  • Providing advice and recommendations on an appropriate and sustainable structure for ongoing program development and delivery.

Programs developed will be cross-sectoral have a state or national focus, and may also be run at a regional level.

The Advisory Panel will be supported by the WoTL Executive Officer and a representative of the WoTL board. It will comprise of representatives with a diversity of insight and experience across different sectors and components of agriculture in Australia.

The WoTL board, WoTL’s Ambassador network, deliverers and WoTL subcommittees will contribute to the Advisory Panel with direct representation or through other communication channels.

Representation is sought from diverse production commodities and geographic regions as well as from supporting agribusiness, education and research sectors.

Personal Attributes
Reference Group Members will have the following personal attributes, skills and knowledge:

  • Experience in one or more agricultural sectors, ideally with cross-sectoral experience, or experience in adult education program development and delivery.
  • Has strategic insight and knowledge and understanding of the Australian agricultural industry
  • A sound understanding of the personal and professional development needs of women across the agricultural sector
  • Strong networks within agriculture and/or adult education and ability to draw on the collective knowledge and insights of those networks
  • Ability to perform effectively as a part of a team
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently
  • Possess high level oral and written communication skills, organisational skills and time management
  • Demonstrate ownership and accountability for agreed actions from meetings

Time Commitment
Advisory Panel members will initially meet face to face in Adelaide in May 2021 to workshop ideas and provide input into a program development strategy. The Panel will then meet using remote online technology every one to two months. This is expected to be a maximum 6-month commitment. Some additional input may also be required between meetings.

By the end of 2021 (or earlier), the Advisory Panel will provide recommendations to the WoTL board on:

  • Key priorities for program development
  • Organisational support, structure and governance requirements for sustainable program development, delivery and oversight across sectors and regions
  • Opportunities to leverage or feed into existing programs that support the development of women in agriculture

This is a voluntary position.

WoTL Commitment to You

  • Reimburse interstate travel
  • An opportunity to work within a highly motivated team to identify and deliver responsive and effective initiatives for inspiration and growth of women across all aspects of agriculture.

How to Apply
Expression of Interest applications are to be no more than 500 words and to address how you will contribute to the Responsibilities of the Advisory Panel and Personal Attributes. Applications close at 5pm on Friday 16th April 2021 and are to be forwarded to eo@wotl.com.au

For Further Enquiries and How to Apply
All enquiries regarding this Expression of Interest will remain private and confidential and can be directed to Kim Blenkiron, Executive Officer at 0427 592 243 or eo@wotl.com.au

A Conversation with Leanne Pridham

A Conversation with Leanne Pridham

Leanne grew up on a livestock farm on Kangaroo Island, raising beef and sheep for wool. She became a PIRSA Animal Health Officer, but quit her day job to become a full time cropping farmer with her husband on the Yorke Peninsula in Kadina. Together they have three young boys.

Leanne has been active in her professional development since 2011 when she attended a Field Day event, which at that time was run by Partners in Grain (later becoming WoTL). In 2017, she revitalised the group, which then became the WoTL group.   As Co-ordinator since then, Leanne has organised many events, including workshops on farm safety, a crop walk, women’s health and yoga classes, and mindfulness through art.

Leanne is confident in speaking of the benefits of the WoTL group, having participated in short courses on office efficiency, finance, and resilience. “Next year we’re looking to continue wellbeing as well as marketing. Sometimes women underestimate their role in a farming business. So a real mix of technical and lifestyle and empowerment training (is required).”

Leanne says when she initially considered joining the SITL program, she was hoping to make connections with other women and expand her network. “The content of the course is awesome, but the conversations and connections even more so. I think everybody has days where you think ‘Oh how am I going to manage?’, but through your connections or through a post on Facebook you can reach out, and know that others are going through similar to what you are. And you can ask questions or provide support.”

Leanne has also gained skills in goal setting, purpose, and managing demanding and often competing schedules as a mother, farmer, wife, and business owner. “The WoTL group have helped me manage with time management skills and keeping systems in place. I’m only a part of the way through SITL, but already I’ve got lots of skills in goal settings and (knowing) where you’re spending your time.”

The structure of the SITL program also holds appeal. “It was great to meet the other participants straight up, that way you get to know who you’re talking to.   And because we’re across the whole state, webinar is perfect for that. It’s a safe learning environment. There’s lots of connections. And there is lots to be gained out of it.

Watch the full interview below:

A Conversation with Toni Duka

A Conversation with Toni Duka

Toni Duka grew up on a farming property that ran sheep on Kangaroo Island. She now lives in Millicent, enjoys living in an agricultural community and still works with the sector. “While I’m not involved in growing or production anymore, I love that sense of community that we have in the rural sector.”

Toni’s connection with WoTL goes back some years, when she heard about the Stepping in to Leadership program from some colleagues and a mentor. “The timing was perfect. I was ready to be re-inspired in my leadership journey. It gave me confidence in who I am and made me re-see my skills, and the networks I formed during the program were fantastic. The shared experiences with the other women, and now being part of the alumni is just amazing.”

Toni says she felt safe that WoTL provided a confidential environment, which allowed her and the group the opportunity to really open up. “That is absolutely the setting that is brought to the table in this program. And you get to engage with women from a broad range of sectors with a broad range of life experiences, and everybody got something different out of the program, and equally benefited.”

Since the program finished, Toni has become even more involved with WoTL. “Things have come at me very fast. I’ve been involved with the organising committee for the Thriving Women Conference 2020, which is exciting. And while I was already on (my children’s) school board, I’m hoping to step up and take the role of Chair soon.”

Toni set a precedent for others, when she found out she was the first person to buy a ticket for the inaugural TWC in 2018. “Yes! And I was not disappointed. I was rapt with the content of last year’s conference, and now I’m on the committee, so I think that speaks for itself.”

Toni is active in encouraging other women who may be considering applying to SITL. “Do it. Don’t wait. You will meet an amazing network of women. You’ll be mentored and led, and no matter where you are in your leadership journey, you’ll find some treasures in that program. It’s fantastic.”

WoTL wins 2019 PIRSA Grower Group Award

WoTL wins 2019 PIRSA Grower Group Award

WoTL is incredibly honoured to be the recipient of the prestigious 2019 PIRSA Grower Group Award. Presented at the Ag Excellence Forum, held at the Stamford Grand on 4 April 2019, the event recognised South Australian Grower Group achievements over the past twelve months.

The coveted Grower Group Award, presented by Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA), was given to WoTL in recognition for our role in opening up new possibilities for women in agriculture. In particular, WoTL was acknowledged for its focus on educational opportunities for our members, the local and broader agricultural communities.

In accepting the Award, Chair Sharon Honner paid tribute to the hard work of Executive Officer Kim Blenkiron, who has led the project.

With the $5000 prize money, we intend to undertake two major projects to connect Stepping into Leadership Alumni with women that participate in WoTL regional activities. The projects are:

  • Holding a ‘Video Tips and Tools’ workshop for members, to strengthen their ability to communicate effectively on social media using multimedia tools
  • Organising a field trip to the Barossa and the Adelaide Hills regions, to facilitate the sharing of learnings from members’ own businesses

WoTL thanks the Ag Excellence Alliance for this Award, and we look forward to providing new opportunities for our members to share knowledge, develop new skills and contribute to the broader agricultural sector in South Australia.